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As a parent, you probably are finding it a challenge to manage everything going on at home right now. And you're not alone. First Things First has created an easy-to-follow schedule for you, your children and family, that can help turn the chaos into calm. Not every kind of schedule will work for everyone, so First Things First has created a few different styles to fit your family's needs. Be patient with the process of finding which works best for you. Also, know that it's okay to get off schedule! 


Family schedule tips and tricks


Tips from First Things First: 

— Create a structure at home. This will deescalate the stress and anxiety. Start by setting blocks of time to do certain things, like family time, school and learning time and down time. 

— Play to the interests of your kids. Do things with them to develop their passions. 

— Help them learn something new, even new skills they can use to help out around the house such as the laundry, cooking, etc. 

— Help them be aware of the people around them and show them how to serve others. Here's a good example of how to cheer up patients at Siskin Hospital

In partnership with First Things First

This is part of an occasional series by the Times Free Press in partnership with First Things First to provide free resources for children and families during the coronavirus outbreak. View more tips and resources and sign up for the nonprofit's email newsletter here.