Expo highlights devices for injured war veterans

Expo highlights devices for injured war veterans

May 28th, 2009 by Clint Cooper in Trends

Soldiers who would have perished with injuries during World War II and the Vietnam War are, because of medical advances, returning home from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alive but disabled, experts say.

An Assistive Technology Expo for veterans at Eastgate Town Center last week offered those who served their country a number of simple solutions for the difficult tasks they face.

The idea, according to Mitzi Davenport, assistive technology specialist for sponsoring Signal Centers, was to offer "the technology that they can use to lead more independent lives and enjoy the things they're doing and were doing before the war."

Devices to help military personnel with brain injuries, vision and hearing problems were featured.

While the expo was a one-time event, Signal Centers offers assistive technology support throughout the year for veterans and nonveterans. No referrals are needed, but an appointment is preferred.

"We have the technology to demonstrate if it's going to help someone who has the disability," Ms. Davenport said. "We work with a variety of disabilities."

"We just want to say, 'Here is what we do. Here is what we have. We just want to help you (and) show you technology that may be beneficial,'" she said.