Alison Gerber (Reporter)

Phone: 423-757-6408
Alison Gerber is editor and director of content for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. She joined the Chattanooga Times Free Press in 2003 and has served as assistant metro editor, metro editor and managing editor. She has been editor of the newspaper since 2011. Prior to joining the Times Free Press, Gerber was a reporter in Florida. She covered city hall, crime and education at the Naples Daily News and the Fort Myers News-Press. She is married with a 9-year-old daughter. When Gerber is not in the newsroom, she spends her time cooking, gardening and running with her dog. Reach her at, @aligerb or 423-757-6408.

Dog DNA tests unravel the mysteries of your mutt

Published Feb. 25 2019

With the growth of genetic testing, many pet owners are finally learning exactly what breeds make up their beloved dogs.

The Times Free Press: Telling Chattanooga's story for the past 150 years

Published Dec. 30 2018

In the year following the devastation of the Civil War, many Chattanoogans struggled to rebuild and recapture their former success.

Gerber: Times Free Press honors 2018 valedictorians from Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia

Published Jun. 10 2018

For more than two decades, Chattanooga's newspapers have recognized area valedictorians.


Gerber: Hamilton County school board should be transparent about multi-million dollar decisions

Published Oct. 29 2017

If you live in Hamilton County and you expect to have a say in how millions of dollars in taxpayer...

Gerber: Why go back to the '80s?

Published Sep. 24 2017

Chattanooga's got a lot going for it — mountains, a river, a vibrant downtown, not to mention crazy-fast internet.

Gerber: Putting the public back in public records

Published May. 21 2017

Hamilton County's public school leaders are engaging in a disturbing pattern of behavior that obstructs attempts by the media and...

Gerber: Quality journalism that serves the community

Published Apr. 16 2017

Journalism's top prizes were awarded Monday, and among the winners was "The Panama Papers," a series of stories that used...

Gerber: News in a time of division

Published Nov. 20 2016

On Monday, the Times Free Press published a stand-alone photo (a photo with no story) of two men using leaf...

Gerber: More talk about Hamilton County education (and hopefully some action too) [video]

Published Oct. 23 2016

I learned something in study hall this week: It's possible to have a conversation about a touchy subject in a...

Gerber: Separating fact from fiction critical for students, teachers

Published Oct. 16 2016

Technology allows us to communicate and exchange information at whiplash speeds. But too often, that information isn't credible. It might...

Gerber: Our city's poverty and why it affects us all

Published Mar. 6 2016

In 2015, the Chattanooga Times Free Press poured an unprecedented amount of time and energy into researching the roots of...

Help the Times Free Press pick 2015's top stories

Published Dec. 20 2015

We need your help, readers.

Gerber: The semantics and death and changes to The Toll

Published Oct. 25 2015

A homicide is defined as the act of one person killing another, whether it's with a gun, knife, fist or...

Gerber: The Toll looks at emotional, societal cost of homicides

Published Oct. 18 2015

The toddler who died from a drug overdose after a caretaker put a pain patch on his back.

Gerber: A national tragedy in our backyard

Published Jul. 26 2015

Typically in this column I pull back the curtain on the front page and talk about the reasoning behind our...

Gerber: Fangs bared in Best Town smackdown

Published Jun. 7 2015

So things got kinda ugly in the Chattanooga vs. Boone and the Chattanooga vs. Port Angeles contest. ...

Gerber: Papers collaborate on 'Outside Influence' report

Published May. 3 2015

On today's front page you'll find a story about the growing influence of out-of-state organizations that spend millions of dollars...

Gerber: Newspaper's role is to shine a light

Published Nov. 30 2014


Gerber: Openness is always the best choice

Published Nov. 23 2014

Members of the media are often quick to call out public officials who operate behind a wall of secrecy. But...

Gerber: Openness is always the best choice

Published Nov. 23 2014

Members of the media are often quick to call out public officials who operate behind a wall of secrecy. But...