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Harrison Keely is an online breaking news producer for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. He also anchors the daily newscast. He joined the Times Free Press as a reporter in 2010. He previously served as managing editor of the Smoky Mountain Sentinel in western North Carolina and as a business reporter for the Washington Times in Washington, D.C. He graduated from Lee University in 2009 where he served as managing editor of the student news media and received the 2009 Outstanding Graduate award in Communication and the Arts. He is also an alumni of the Washington Journalism Center in Washington, D.C.

Chattanooga News: Child shot and two killed in crashes

Published Jan. 25 2016

More people are shot to death in Tennessee than killed by vehicles.

Chattanooga News: Up to 5 inches of snow expected in area

Published Jan. 22 2016

Chattanooga could see one to three inches of snow tonight. Higher elevations may get up to five inches.

Chattanooga News: 2 dead in apparent murder-suicide

Published Jan. 21 2016

Two brothers are dead in an apparent murder-suicide.


Chattanooga News: More snow expected this weekend

Published Jan. 20 2016

A man was shot last night after being asked if he needed a ride.

Chattanooga News: What you need to know today

Published Jan. 19 2016

Snow is coming.

Chattanooga News: Grandma charged with murder

Published Jan. 18 2016

A Walker County grandma is charged with murder three days after finding her grandson dead in her car.

Chattanooga News: 4 Ooltewah students allegedly sexually assaulted

Published Jan. 15 2016

Ooltewah High School's athletic director and two coaches face charges related to the school's rape case.

Chattanooga News: Teens arrested on sodomy charges

Published Jan. 14 2016

Two North Alabama teens have been arrested after...

Chattanooga News: Magnitude 2.3 earthquake in East Tennessee

Published Jan. 13 2016

Chattanooga police are looking for a suspect after a juvenile was hit in a drive-by shooting last night.

Chattanooga News: Ooltewah coach not allowed on campus

Published Jan. 12 2016

Ooltewah High School's basketball coach has been transferred out of the school.

Chattanooga News: Woman raped in her own car by man she met at Walmart, police say

Published Jan. 11 2016

After a complete medical examination at Memorial Hospital, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation...

Chattanooga News: Elton John coming

Published Jan. 8 2016

Elton John is making his way to Chattanooga.

Chattanooga News: Snow in the forecast

Published Jan. 7 2016

Snow is in the forecast next week.

Chattanooga News: Golden Corral goes up in flames

Published Jan. 6 2016

The Golden Corral in Fort Oglethorpe went up in flames this morning.

Chattanooga News: Were there more Ooltewah victims?

Published Jan. 5 2016

More than 100 alumni from Ooltewah High School are asking for an outside investigation into the alleged rape of a...

Chattanooga News: Family of five killed by fire

Published Jan. 4 2016

A 22-year-old woman and 26-year-old man are dead after a crash on Brainerd Road.

Chattanooga News: Elderly woman left to die in street passes away

Published Dec. 22 2015

The 70-year-old woman struck in a hit and run in North Chattanooga has died.

Chattanooga News: GA deputies pull over drivers to give them $100

Published Dec. 21 2015

A man was shot last night in Catoosa County.

Chattanooga News: TN police officer guilty of rape, incest

Published Dec. 18 2015

A 12-year-old boy is dead after a house fire in Kimball.

Chattanooga News: Man shot twice in Hixson

Published Dec. 17 2015

Chattanooga police say a man was shot twice in Hixson at...