Judy Walton (Reporter)

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Judy Walton has been a reporter and editor at the Times Free Press and its predecessor, The Chattanooga Times, since 1987. As a reporter, Walton focused on government coverage and investigations. At various times she has been an assistant metro editor, region reporter and editor, county government reporter, government-beat team leader, features editor and page designer. Originally from California, Walton was brought up in a military family and attended a dozen schools across the country. She earned a journalism degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Ky., in 1984 and worked at two Kentucky newspapers before moving to Chattanooga in 1987. Her investigative pieces include allegations of medical malpractice at Chattanooga's Veterans Affairs clinic — stories that led to a federal investigation and a series of reforms. She was the first to report on massive ground and water pollution at the former Volunteer Army Ammunition Depot (now the VW assembly plant); during the first year of her stories on the quality and timetable for repairing the damage, federal government funding for cleanup tripled. More recently, she and colleague Cliff Hightower reported on financial irregularities at the Tennessee Multicultural Chamber of Commerce, which led Chattanooga and Hamilton County governments to withdraw funding for the organization.

Crowd pushes Hamilton County Commission to deny Mahan Gap sewer plant

Published Dec. 12 2018

Hamilton County commissioners mostly didn't tip their hands Wednesday while hearing more than four hours of arguments for and against...

New owners pitch tax break for Patten Towers project to Chattanooga City Council

Published Dec. 11 2018

The new owners of the Patten Towers are seeking a 25-year tax break they say is key to renovating the...

Mahan Gap residents rally ahead of Hamilton County Commission's sewer plant meeting

Published Dec. 10 2018

Neighbors around the site of a proposed sewage treatment plant met Monday to rehearse before their only formal opportunity to...


Avondale neighbors concerned over YFD center

Published Dec. 10 2018

Avondale residents will meet with city officials Tuesday to start talking about programming for the neighborhood's new Youth and Family...

Hamilton County Commission tables resolution to limit balcony access

Published Dec. 5 2018

The balcony in the Hamilton County Commission's meeting room will be open to all after commissioners tabled a resolution to...

Chattanooga has a new plan to fight homelessness

Published Dec. 3 2018

Chattanooga's mayor says one key piece of getting homeless people off the streets and into housing is, literally, staying on...

Consent decree in works as WWTA plans $245 million upgrade to sewage systems

Published Dec. 2 2018

The Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority's plan to spend $245 million upgrading sewage systems in Hamilton County and...

City tax freeze offers help for Chattanooga seniors

Published Nov. 29 2018

Bill and Virginia Weldon sat with a stack of paperwork in front of them Thursday at the Shepherd Youth and...

Hamilton County Commission wants to decide just who can look down on it

Published Nov. 28 2018

Hamilton County commissioners are debating restricting access to the balcony in their meeting room, but it's not clear if they're...

Building costs rise for Avondale Youth and Family Development Center

Published Nov. 27 2018

Cost increases totaling more than $331,000 for change orders related to rebuilding the Avondale Youth and Family Development Center drew...

Citico Creek oil spill was result of contractor pumping fuel directly into creek

Published Nov. 15 2018

A contractor working for Norfolk Southern Railroad illegally pumped diesel fuel directly into Citico Creek early this year while repairing...

Slope rules could kill housing growth, Chattanooga builders say

Published Nov. 13 2018

Chattanooga builders told Chattanooga City Council members Tuesday that proposed restrictions to construction on steep slopes and flood plains would...

Attempt to revive Hamilton County commissioners' discretionary spending accounts fails

Published Nov. 7 2018

An attempt to revive Hamilton County commissioners' $100,000 discretionary spending accounts failed Wednesday, but that doesn't mean the issue is...

Republicans hold power in state races [photos]

Published Nov. 6 2018

The Republican red wall held firm in Hamilton County's state House and Senate districts.

Chattanooga residents asked to weigh in on sewer fix

Published Nov. 5 2018

Chattanooga is getting ready to borrow $24 million for four clean-water projects under the city's consent decree, and is asking...

Shot down and captured in Germany

Published Nov. 4 2018

Horace Feezell remembers how it felt, flying at 30,000 feet and manning twin .50-caliber turret guns as tons of bombs...

Veteran carries on family tradition of service

Published Nov. 4 2018

For Sgt. Terry Ellis, it "wasn't a question" whether he would serve in the military.

WWTA faces new woes as sewage overflows in Ooltewah, Signal draw lawsuit [document, photos]

Published Nov. 2 2018

A halt to new sewer connections in the burgeoning Ooltewah area is possible after Hamilton County's sewer authority illegally released...

Higher bills coming regardless of controversial sewage plant, WWTA head says

Published Nov. 1 2018

Some of the neighbors battling a proposed sewage treatment plant on Mahan Gap Road in Hamilton County have said they're...

Martin criticizes proposed Hamilton County Commission expense changes as 'growing government'

Published Oct. 31 2018

Hamilton County commissioners are talking about changes to their expense accounts that would move up to $17,400 in travel and...