Mary Helen Montgomery (Reporter, Photographer)

Phone: 423-757-6324
Mary Helen Montgomery is a multimedia journalist who produces audio, video, writing, and interactive maps and graphics for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. She was part of the team at the Times Free Press named as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Local Reporting in 2014, and she won an Edward R. Murrow award in 2013 for a radio piece she produced for WUTC, Chattanooga's NPR affiliate. Mary Helen is a Chattanooga native and a graduate of Bowdoin College. She and her husband live with 40 teenage boys at Baylor School, where they have the ever-interesting job of being dorm parents.

Ooltewah cemetery gets a spooky makeover for Halloween

Published Oct. 28 2015

Caretaker Dick Wolfe wanted to do something special for Halloween at the cemetery where he has volunteered for more than...

Power Tools: Pick Up the Slack

Published Oct. 1 2015

Since the dawn of the Internet, there's been email. But now, there's an application that's causing some companies to do...

Everything you need to survive in the wilderness, all in one saw

Published Sep. 29 2015

Should Steve Sullivan ever become stranded in the wilderness, he's confident he could survive. As long as he had one...


Chattanooga News: No money in budget to fix East Ridge stadium

Published Sep. 10 2015

Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith punted any hope of funding for deteriorating high school football stadiums, including one that...

Chattanooga News: No more fresh produce in East Chattanooga

Published Sep. 9 2015

The only store that sells fresh produce in East Chattanooga closes, a city councilman proposes a higher minimum wage, and...

Nashville, Tennessee

Published Aug. 30 2015

The city is known historically for its music roots. But the Nashville of today boasts so much more — a...

Fayetteville, Tennessee

Published Aug. 30 2015

Visiting Fayetteville feels like a retreat to a different era. The town square is lined with antique stores and anchored...

Funeral plans set for all five slain service members

Published Jul. 23 2015

Funeral and visitation arrangements have been finalized for all five of the service members who died from the July 16...

Video: Behind our coverage of the Chattanooga shooting

Published Jul. 21 2015

Times Free Press journalists discuss how the Chattanooga shooting story is evolving, and how we are approaching coverage.

Chattanooga Strong: A city mourns, a city heals

Published Jul. 19 2015

After a gunman killed five people in Chattanooga on July 16, 2015, the community comes together.

Listen: Your messages for Chattanooga

Published Jul. 18 2015

In the days following the July 16 shooting, the Times Free Press set up a hotline where people could call...

It takes more than a little snow to shut down these restaurants

Published Feb. 26 2015

Just because it's a snow day doesn't mean you can't go grab a bit to eat at one of Chattanooga's...


Watch Chattanooga enjoy this year's best snownooga ever

Published Feb. 26 2015

I-24 in Hamilton County and I-75 in Hamilton, Bradley and McMinn counties have snow. Crews are salting and plowing...

Moment: Putt-putt while you wait, sir?

Published Feb. 9 2015

On a recent Friday afternoon, Candace Alexander was back at the Driver Services Center on Bonny Oaks Drive for the...

College tuition: Burden on students hits new high

Published Jan. 20 2015

In the 1970s, state governments provided almost 80 percent of public college funding, but those days are long gone.

Alabama woman escapes captivity only to be arrested for growing marijuana

Published Jan. 5 2015

A Jackson County, Ala., woman and her husband were arrested for growing marijuana and mushrooms after the woman called the...

More rescued animals tied to suspect charged with animal cruelty

Published Dec. 25 2014

The phone started ringing at McKamey Animal Center after news broke last week that Hixson resident Geoffrey Peterson had been...

50 dogs, a parrot, a goat rescued in Sequatchie County

Published Dec. 20 2014

DUNLAP, Tenn. Tipped to suspected animal abuse at a Sequatchie County home, investigators worked for months to obtain enough...

50 dogs, a parrot and a goat rescued in Sequatchie County (with gallery)

Published Dec. 19 2014

Animal rights workers and the Sequatchie County Sheriff's Department are clearing out a major case of animal hoarding in Dunlap,...

A timeline of Jim Catanzaro's career

Published Nov. 13 2014