Maura Friedman (Reporter, Photographer)

Phone: 423-757-6309
As a multimedia reporter, Maura puts together photos, videos, words, social media, code and GIFs to tell stories for the Times Free Press. She is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and its New Media Institute and was executive editor of Ampersand Magazine during her time there. Maura came to the paper as a photo intern in 2013. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MauraFriedman.

Dandridge, Tennessee

Published Aug. 30 2015

Dandridge has a little bit of everything: a National Historic District, 500 miles of shoreline and plenty of small- town...

Tullahoma, Tennessee

Published Aug. 30 2015

"Tullahoma - Tennessee's rising star" and "Tullahoma - the total package" are two ways you'll often hear the city described.

Moment: Southerly Flower Farm brings couple closer to their dreams and each other

Published Jul. 27 2015

Sarah Ervin combs through her flower rows, clipping dahlia stems with her right hand and collecting a bouquet in her...

Chattanooga Strong: A city mourns, a city heals

Published Jul. 19 2015

After a gunman killed five people in Chattanooga on July 16, 2015, the community comes together.

Listen: Your messages for Chattanooga

Published Jul. 18 2015

In the days following the July 16 shooting, the Times Free Press set up a hotline where people could call...

Chattanoogans reach out on Instagram after tragic shooting

Published Jul. 17 2015

Social media in Chattanooga went through stages of fear, loss and mourning Thursday after a shooter, identified as Hixson resident...

Riverbend in 5 more animated gifs

Published Jun. 11 2015

What better way to capture the spirit of Riverbend than in more animated gifs?

Humans of Riverbend 2015, Part 1

Published Jun. 8 2015

Inspired by Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York, we're documenting the Humans of Riverbend. We meet someone at the festival,...

Moment: Students, visitors get good reception at Brainerd

Published May. 25 2015

Just past the cherry-red front doors of Brainerd High School, Tracy Walsh's desk seems marooned in the wide hallway.

Moment: Partners in pottery

Published May. 4 2015

In a small room in a Highland Park studio, Jessie Bean Bailey works with a consistent flow, pouring a thick...

High on the hog: Local butcher makes carving an art (with video)

Published Mar. 23 2015

There's barely any blood on the cutting counter. The table's crisp white plastic is like a spotlight amid all the...

Watch Chattanooga enjoy this year's best snownooga ever

Published Feb. 26 2015

I-24 in Hamilton County and I-75 in Hamilton, Bradley and McMinn counties have snow. Crews are salting and plowing...


Moment: Music as medicine

Published Feb. 2 2015

In each hospital room Bob Stagner visits, he begins his performance with the same opening number.

The new UTC Library is beautiful (and these photos prove it)

Published Jan. 17 2015

Space — that's the first thing students notice when they walk into UTC's new $48 million library. The magnitude of...

Best of the web: 2014's top local stories

Published Dec. 30 2014

As Chattanooga rings in the new year, it's time to take a look back at the best of the web...

Bill Murray (probably not) in Chattanooga?

Published Nov. 7 2014

Moment: What's your color? Elea Blake customizes makeup colors

Published Oct. 27 2014

Glass canisters of powders and liquids stand in neat rows along the walls. And up and down them. The room...

Video: The finish line: 'You are an Ironman!'

Published Sep. 29 2014

GIFs: The strongest Ironman high-fives

Published Sep. 28 2014

Because a triathlon this intense deserves some stellar support from the sidelines. Up high, Ironmen and Ironwomen!

Video: Ironman Chattanooga

Published Sep. 28 2014