Pam Sohn (Reporter)

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Pam Sohn is the Times editor, representing the left-leaning side of the Chattanooga Times Free Press opinion page. Sohn has been reporting or editing Chattanooga news for 25 years. A Walden's Ridge native, she began her journalism career with a 10-year stint at the Anniston (Ala.) Star. She came to the Chattanooga Times Free Press in 1999 after working at the Chattanooga Times for 14 years. She has been a city editor, Sunday editor, wire editor, projects team leader and assistant lifestyle editor. As a reporter, she also has covered the police, courts, health, education and environment beats. She specializes in investigative and project stories, and currently is a general assignment reporter. She has won dozens of writing and editing awards in both Alabama and Tennessee, including first-place honors for breaking news, investigative news, public service, features and reporting without a deadline. During her tenure as Sunday editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the paper received the 2002 first-place honors for Best Sunday editions and Sweepstakes Award — best paper in the state. She has been married for 33 years to photographer, Louis Sohn. They have a grown son, Mitch, as well as five dogs, a cat and two grand cats. When not working, Pam gardens, researches family roots, plays piano and floats on a very old houseboat named Dragonfly. Contact her at or 423-757-6346.

Sohn: Student growth scores show a turn upward

Published Aug. 17 2018

At last, we get some good news on academic growth scores in Hamilton County schools!

Sohn: Aretha is leading a heavenly choir now

Published Aug. 17 2018

She had the ability to lift you.

Sohn: Readers know who the real 'enemy' is

Published Aug. 16 2018

Some news outlets want the press to unite today and write editorials decrying our president's whine that the media is...


Sohn: Where is justice in this Rossville death?

Published Aug. 14 2018

There would seem to be no rational explanation for why neither law enforcement nor the family of a man fatally...

Sohn: TVA rightly reopens hydro plant tours

Published Aug. 14 2018

Kudos to the Tennessee Valley Authority for reopening tours to our hydroelectric dams — Chickamauga, included — and the Raccoon...

Pam's Points: Immigration war crimes are changing attitudes

Published Aug. 13 2018

"A judge says 'enough'

Sohn: Making unity of our Civil Rights history

Published Aug. 12 2018

We talk a lot about Chattanooga's Civil War history, its American Indian history and its industrial history.

Sohn: What's a $31,500 'paperwork slip-up' worth?

Published Aug. 10 2018

Just in case you've been on the fence about whether our Hamilton County government is well-oiled machine or a clunker,...

Sohn: GOP preaches unity, but slaps Bredesen for it

Published Aug. 8 2018

If we thought local GOP politics got nasty in the primary, we probably haven't really seen nasty yet.

Sohn: It wasn't the 'deep state' that threw Jr. under the bus

Published Aug. 7 2018

Forget worrying about "the deep state."

Sohn: Trump's fuel standards safety plan takes short view

Published Aug. 6 2018

Who knew that freezing fuel economy would reduce highway fatalities by up to 1,000 lives a year?

Sohn: Russians have the best dirt

Published Aug. 5 2018

In what universe would Americans' minds and elections be tampered with by a foreign government and President Obama or President...

Sohn: Women, Democrats made election inroads Thursday

Published Aug. 3 2018

It's still, far too often, a man's world — in politics anyway. And in Tennessee, a red one.

Sohn: All politics are local, and the blue wave is alive

Published Aug. 3 2018

Even before all the votes were counted Thursday, Hamilton County had good and bad news.

Sohn: Haney or not, we're still paying for Bellefonte

Published Aug. 1 2018

If we were thinking that a private businessman buying Bellefonte Nuclear Plant might mean the unfinished, mothballed and gutted power...

Sohn: Will 3D-printed guns shoot the NRA in the foot?

Published Jul. 31 2018

Forget sensible gun safety legislation.

Sohn: NRA's Russia link has ties to Blackburn

Published Jul. 30 2018

Tennesseans know the old truism: If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Sohn: Trump broke it with tariffs; now he's making us fix it

Published Jul. 29 2018

It's clear that President Donald Trump is a city slicker, albeit one who is quite at home in "the swamp"...

Sohn: Times editorial page endorsements

Published Jul. 27 2018

Saturday is the last day of early voting in the county general and state and federal primary elections. In contested...

Sohn: Will Trump buyer's remorse turn Congress blue?

Published Jul. 27 2018

If you feel as though the world of politics just gets weirder and weirder, you're not alone.