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Mind Coffee: A good time was had by all (most of the time)

Published Sep. 19 2018

Dear Burt:

Mind Coffee: Finding the unreality in reality TV shows

Published Sep. 12 2018

A couple's male cat is spraying all over their home because a female cat next door is taunting him and...

Mind Coffee: One man's channel flipper is another's standing ovation

Published Sep. 5 2018

I watched "Okja" the other night, the South Korean film about an enormous super-pig (basically) that, along with its brethren,...


Mind Coffee: Best Popular Movie Oscar: Does anyone really care?

Published Aug. 29 2018

Just go ahead and hand the Oscar to "Black Panther."

Mind Coffee: Best horror film? 'Get Out' of here

Published Aug. 22 2018

Best horror movie of all time?

Mind Coffee: Trashy fun tops list of top-selling U.S. authors

Published Aug. 15 2018

Quick - name the American author who's sold the most books.

Mary Chapin Carpenter brings a 'snapshot of her life' to the stage

Published Aug. 8 2018

Mary Chapin Carpenter recently time-traveled.

Million-dollar homes: Lakefronts, mountaintops and mansions bring lucrative sales in fast-selling Chattanooga real estate market

Published Aug. 1 2018

Mark G. Freeman doesn't really want to sell his house. And who can blame him.

Mind Coffee: A trip to D.C. can inspire hope and pride

Published Jul. 4 2018

With the hate-for-hate divisions of politics these days, many of us sit in our mental bunkers, breeding disgust and cynicism....

Real men do eat quiche. And knit. And get pedicures. And...

Published Jun. 1 2018

Laugh at Scott Hanson all you want. Tease him about getting pedicures once a month for more than eight years....

Mind Coffee: Turn off your brain at the door for summer blockbusters

Published May. 30 2018

Another year of education is over and summer vacation begins.

UTC student with Down syndrome navigating college, taking charge of her future

Published May. 20 2018

Parker Davis fiddles with her hair, tucking it behind her ears to get it out of the way. It doesn't...


Mind Coffee: Films that spotlight the power of journalism

Published Feb. 28 2018

I saw "The Post." It made me proud to be a journalist.

Declaring your love with a tattoo is an iffy proposal

Published Feb. 1 2018

Shamila Montgomery had her husband's name tattooed on her body. Twice.

Mind Coffee: Some songs stir feelings better than others

Published Jan. 24 2018

Songs are meant to produce a certain feeling, whether it's love, hate, longing, optimism or just plain old lust. But...

Mind Coffee: Thanks for the memories ... or maybe not

Published Jan. 17 2018

I'd like to thank my friends and colleagues in the Times Free Press' Life department for running the oh-so-informative story...

Mind Coffee: Streaming crushed music competition in 2017

Published Jan. 10 2018

The "stream"roller continues to squash the competition flat.

Mind Coffee: A few resolutions to kick-start the year

Published Jan. 3 2018

In general, I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. If there's something you need to change, why wait until now?...

Mind Coffee: Christmas songs that veer off the holiday path

Published Nov. 29 2017

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday madness. Lethargic food comas.

Mind Coffee: Author explains the whys of 1960s music compilation

Published Nov. 9 2017

Last week, I wrote about "The 60s Music Compendium," a doorstop of a book that examines 6,886 songs from the...