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Shawn Ryan is the features editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Mind Coffee: Turning horror novels into films - some are scary bad

Published Sep. 17 2019

In the next few weeks I'll be adding my money to the $93 million that "It: Chapter 2" took in...

Mind Coffee: How dumb do TV commercials think we are?

Published Sep. 10 2019

Want to know which shows are watched mostly by older folks? Just look at the commercials.

Mind Coffee: Editing cuss words from films not always right

Published Sep. 3 2019

Flipping channels through a stupor of boredom on Sunday night, I ran across "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."...

Mind Coffee: The good, the bad and the really bad album covers

Published Aug. 27 2019

The artwork shows a woman, looks like a housewife, hanging her laundry on a clothesline that twists and turns into...

Mind Coffee: Cartoons aren't as good anymore

Published Aug. 20 2019

When I saw the news, my heart skipped a beat.

Mind Coffee: What music matches your various emotional states?

Published Aug. 13 2019

If you've ever done work around your house on your own - replacing electrical outlets/switches, simple plumbing, rotten-wood repair -...

Mind Coffee: 3 channels to 3,000 - TV has changed

Published Aug. 6 2019

Gather 'round, children, and I'll tell you of days lost in the mists of time; of an era only remembered...

Mind Coffee: Bad endings can ruin a good movie

Published Jul. 30 2019

The first few minutes of the film "Hereditary" are harrowing, almost to the point of turning it off.

Mind Coffee: Entertainment is important and we know it

Published Jul. 23 2019

People take their entertainment seriously. Real seriously.

Mind Coffee: Goodbye to my old pal, the VW Beetle

Published Jul. 16 2019

The last Volkswagen Beetle recently rolled off the assembly line. The Bug is being discontinued.

Mind Coffee: Hearing the hits you've never heard on the radio

Published Jul. 9 2019

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought: "That song is going to be huge"?

Mind Coffee: Truly Southern, but not a fan of Southern rock

Published Jul. 2 2019

One of my favorite magazines is Classic Rock out of England. For those who grew up in the '70s and...

What's in a name? Do you know the backstories of these Chattanooga landmarks?

Published Jul. 1 2019

It's a safe bet that most of us know that Coolidge Park on the North Shore is named after World...

Mind Coffee: Bands who were better the first time

Published Jun. 25 2019

The adage says: You take your entire life to write your first album and 18 months to write your second.

Mind Coffee: You like cheese slices, but won't admit it

Published Jun. 18 2019

I love me some cheese.

Mind Coffee: Here are some songs for Dad on Father's Day

Published Jun. 11 2019

Father's Day is Sunday, June 16, and I'm guessing many of you are searching for just the right gift.

Mind Coffee: Horror movies are pumping out the gore

Published Jun. 4 2019

I went to see "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum."

Chattanooga's StoryCorps sessions set to begin airing June 4

Published May. 31 2019

In late March, friends and former Times Free Press colleagues Shawn Ryan and Barry Courter sat across from each other...

Mind Coffee: This playlist of songs define the horror of driving in Chattanooga

Published May. 28 2019

I lived in Atlanta for 26 years and drove its roads.

Mind Coffee: Music from high school graduation year ... have mercy

Published May. 21 2019

A friend forwarded me an email that offered the chance to click a weblink (, put in the year you...