Steve Johnson (Reporter)

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Steve is an Emory University law school graduate and also holds an M.S. degree from Georgia State with a concentration in Urban Law and Criminal Justice. His first newspaper job was with the Chattanooga News-Free Press. Since then, he's worked as a reporter, editor and producer at places that include the Atlanta Constitution, Court TV,, the Associated Press and Most recently, he was assistant professor of electronic journalism at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Steve has covered all kinds of big stories, such as the date rape trial of William Kennedy Smith, the beating of Rodney King, the confirmation hearing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the Virginia Tech shootings.

Local anti-Trump activists target state GOP elected officials

Published Apr. 19 2017

Local opponents of the Trump administration continued Tuesday to criticize GOP lawmakers for avoiding public meetings with their constituents.

Dog bites may be on the rise

Published Apr. 17 2017

But what has Frederick the most upset is that no one else seems particularly bothered by the attack. The neighbors...

Finding a foster fit: East Ridge family's bond with girls keeps sisters together [photos]

Published Apr. 16 2017

April Simington almost became a foster parent back in December. She almost made the cut it in January, then again...


United Way announces it raised more than $11 million to aid community

Published Apr. 12 2017

United Way officials announced that they raised $11,079,020 in this year's fundraising campaign, to be distributed to dozens of nonprofit...

Inmate sentenced to life in prison after he pleads guilty to three local cold-case murders

Published Apr. 11 2017

A 52-year-old inmate already serving a 50-year prison sentence for kidnapping and rape pleaded guilty Monday to three cold-case murders.

The water in your backyard pool could cause diarrhea outbreaks

Published Apr. 10 2017

You would never take a bath in the same water every other family member — including your dog — has...

Doctor: Back pain can be linked to emotional stress

Published Apr. 9 2017

Dr. Matt McClanahan believes the pain you feel in your back may all be in your head. But that doesn't...

EPB, Dalton's Optilink say they won't sell or share users web browser data

Published Apr. 3 2017

Chattanoogan Adam McElhaney wants to know what U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan does when he logs onto his computer and...

Survey: Tennessee one of the 10 best states for doctors

Published Apr. 2 2017

Tennessee is a great state for doctors to practice, with recent medical school graduates earning the top salaries nationwide if...

Fired reporter is suing UTC and its top officials for $1 million in damages

Published Mar. 30 2017

A WUTC reporter fired after she angered several state lawmakers with her reporting has filed suit against the university in...

What could reverse Tennessee's dismal college dropout rate?

Published Mar. 30 2017

Tennessee has done a good job in helping high school graduates go to college, but a high percentage of students...

Walker County raising water and sewer fees

Published Mar. 28 2017

Walker County residents will see their water and sewer bills go up by 36 percent to pay for the cost...

New research shows old teaching on how to put babies to sleep was wrong, led to infant deaths

Published Mar. 27 2017

Tennessee health officials have some clear advice for the parents of newborns: Don't listen to your grandmother.

Cross-country trekker stops in Chattanooga

Published Mar. 25 2017

Over the next four months, the 35-year-old Aspen, Colo., native will keep following roadways and trails across the entire country,...

Survey: Chattanooga among fattest towns in the U.S.

Published Mar. 24 2017

A higher percentage of people in Chattanooga are overweight than in any other city in the U.S., according to a...

Tennova patient set fire to his clothing Thursday morning

Published Mar. 23 2017

A patient set fire to his clothing and bedding in a room in the emergency department at Tennova Healthcare in...

Rural residents increasingly more prone to suicide than those in urban areas

Published Mar. 20 2017

People in rural areas are increasingly more likely to commit suicide than those in urban areas, according to a study...

Trump's proposed budget features steep cuts to fund military, homeland security and aid veterans

Published Mar. 17 2017

Local officials and nonprofit agency staffers are reacting with concern to President Donald Trump's proposed budget cutbacks, saying they may...

Hamilton County: Application withdrawn for tax break for affordable housing units

Published Mar. 16 2017

The real estate developer seeking a tax break for a 120-unit affordable housing apartment complex on Highway 58 asked the...

Busload of local Trump supporters heading for president's Nashville rally

Published Mar. 15 2017

Local supporters of President Donald Trump are heading for Nashville this afternoon to join the president for his rally there.