Sunny Montgomery (Reporter)

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Sunny Montgomery writes for several Chattanooga Times Free Press publications including Chatter, Dining Out, Get Out Chattanooga, Live Well and Tennessee Valley Parents. She hails from Central Kentucky where she began her writing career as an alternative sports writer and where she first developed her love for the outdoors. Sunny is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and a certified Tennessee State Naturalist.

Ziplining into adventure at Ruby Falls on Lookout Mountain

Published May. 1 2019

I agreed to go ziplining at Ruby Falls' High Point ZIP Adventure after the originally assigned writer balked.

Here are 10 creative ways to use strawberries

Published May. 1 2019

The strawberry is the first fruit to ripen each spring, and the early bloomer packs a punch.

Naturalist Note: Have you seen this chicken?

Published Apr. 29 2019

Have you seen this mysterious, free-range chicken pecking alongside the interstate in Chattanooga?

Hit the road with

Published Mar. 28 2019

Why spend the night in a cookie-cutter hotel room when you could stay in "Happy," a colorful 18-foot-long R-pod trailer...

10 plants that shaped Tennessee

Published Mar. 27 2019

University of Tennessee horticulture professors just compiled a list of the ten most influential plants in Tennessee history.

Naturalist Note: The power of plants (it's not all roses)

Published Mar. 27 2019

The white-blossomed Bradford pear trees are in bloom.

New film premiering at Tennessee Aquarium illustrates local streams like never before

Published Mar. 21 2019

Jeremy Moore, founder of Freshwaters Illustrated, discusses his latest film "Hidden Rivers," which will premiere at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX...

How to travel abroad on a dirtbag budget

Published Mar. 1 2019

The Southeast is known for its outdoor adventure, from its sandstone crags to its steep creeks to the countless miles...

Lula Lake's new executive director is no stranger to local conservation

Published Mar. 1 2019

Cody Roney settles into her role as the new executive director of Lula Lake Land Trust.

Backpacker Chris Pickering shares his essential gear list

Published Mar. 1 2019

Backpacker Chris Pickering shares his essential gear list — gear that helps him survive on the trail for months at...

Bird nerds: Do you know the true meaning behind the term 'wingman'?

Published Mar. 1 2019

You know what they say — "Birds of a feather flock together."

Naturalist Note: Why honeybees explode during sex

Published Mar. 1 2019

Why do honeybees explode during sex?


Three itineraries to help you plan an overnight river trip

Published Mar. 1 2019

An afternoon on the water is never enough. So why not stuff your dry bags, fill your water jugs and...

Naturalist Note: The sum of our parts

Published Feb. 27 2019

There is an ant hill in my front yard, and I love to watch it. Yup, I am that girl...

Why more pet owners are feeding their dogs like wolves

Published Feb. 25 2019

Dry dog kibble is like cereal, says Colleen Smith, doctor of veterinarian medicine at Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute. And would...

Making strides: A blind triathlete and her guide dog

Published Feb. 4 2019

Meet the blind Chattanooga runner and her new guide dog, specially trained by Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Chattanooga area high school sweethearts share secrets on how they've lasted for all these years

Published Jan. 28 2019

This month, Chatter spoke with four married couples, all high school sweethearts, who shared with us their stories, words of...

Five trends for 2019 likely to reshape Chattanooga's economy

Published Jan. 1 2019

In the past decade, Southeast Tennessee landed multi-billion-dollar investments from two German companies (Volkswagen and Wacker Chemical) and lured one...

More Hospitable: The Tennessee Valley abounds with hotels, restaurants

Published Jan. 1 2019

When it comes to Tennessee Valley's hospitality industry, the trend is more.

Naturalist Note: Life's fantastic potential

Published Jan. 1 2019

A preview of Chattanooga's Lookout Wild Film Festival, Tennessee's premier film fest for outdoor-lovers.