Sunny Montgomery (Reporter)

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Sunny Montgomery writes for several Chattanooga Times Free Press publications including Chatter, Dining Out, Get Out Chattanooga, Live Well and Tennessee Valley Parents. She hails from Central Kentucky where she began her writing career as an alternative sports writer and where she first developed her love for the outdoors. Sunny is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and a certified Tennessee State Naturalist.

How you can help combat 'rock snot'

Published Sep. 1 2018

Commonly called "rock snot," didymo (Didymosphenia geminata) is an invasive freshwater algae that's as pleasant as a nasty head cold,...

Naturalist's Note: That time I didn't get eaten by a bear

Published Sep. 1 2018

Two Aprils ago, I visited my brother Glen and his wife Lameace in Olympia, Washington.

Food for Thought: Five Basic Tastes?

Published Aug. 19 2018

I recently listened to the 2017 "TED Radio Hour" episode "The Five Senses." In it, Colorado-based geneticist Nicole Garneau asked...


Princess Diaries: Being a princess is not for the fainthearted

Published Aug. 1 2018

Being a princess is not for the fainthearted. It requires incessant cheeriness, perfect hair and a willingness to break into...

Five ways to fancy up your corn on the cob using everyday ingredients

Published Aug. 1 2018

This season, gourmands are spicing up corn on the cob by topping it with a number of unique ingredients.

Naturalist Note: My fortuitous encounter with king trout

Published Jul. 31 2018

That fat brown trout must have been king of its alpine pool for years.

Dam Destination: Melton Hill Dam

Published Jul. 23 2018

Along the Tennessee River and its many rushing tributaries, dams provide flood control, river navigation and hydropower — as well...

Dam destinations: Guntersville Dam is a bass fisherman's dream

Published Jul. 16 2018

Along the Tennessee River and its many rushing tributaries, dams provide flood control, river navigation and hydropower - as well...

Diamond heats up local wing competition

Published Jul. 8 2018

Between its pool tables, dart boards and near-constant streaming of various games on its numerous TVs, Diamond Billiard Club knows...

The Foundry's new menu is simply elegant

Published Jul. 8 2018

The Chattanoogan Hotel is more than just an out-of-towner's upscale oasis, centrally located in the Scenic City. It is more...

The Art of Simplicity

Published Jul. 8 2018

In the small Kentucky town where I grew up, we could walk almost anywhere we needed to go: the library,...

Naturalist's Note: The dog star, the brightest in the night sky

Published Jul. 1 2018

This time of year, Red, my silver-faced dachshund-mix, prefers to nap on the cool kitchen tile rather than at the...


Countryside Cafe sources local produce

Published Jul. 1 2018

Family-owned Countryside Cafe is the quintessential Southern-style restaurant, but that might not mean what you think it means.

Fancy Foods

Published Jul. 1 2018

I love the food trend of fancying up tried-and-true favorites. One can now order an omelet stuffed with kimchi and...

Mayan Kitchen features Guatemalan family recipes

Published Jul. 1 2018

Ever since brothers Jacob and Benjamin Lemus moved from their native Guatemala to Tennessee, they have dreamed about opening their...

Home Slice racks up nominations in this year's 'Best of the Best' awards

Published Jul. 1 2018

Open for only a year, Home Slice Pizza is heating up this year's Times Free Press "Best of the Best"...

Watch as our staff blindly taste tests exotic jerky flavors

Published Jun. 28 2018

Nearly 500 years ago, the ancient Incans made jerky from alpaca and llamas. The Native Americans, also sun-drying and smoking...

An interview with famed ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau

Published Jun. 28 2018

Fabien Cousteau learned to scuba dive at age 4. But he says his innate connection to water was made long...

Riverside Catfish is an essential summer experience

Published Jun. 24 2018

The breeze off of the water is just part of what makes Riverside Catfish House an essential summer experience. Tucked...

El Meson celebrates soccer with fun specials

Published Jun. 24 2018

By birth, the Ruiz family owners of both El Meson locations may be Mexican. But when it comes to most...