Event: Figure skating jumps

photo Event: Figure skating

How to identify four jumps in singles routines:

Axel: Created by Norwegian Axel Paulsen, 1882.

Approach Glide backward on right outside edge; turn.

Takeoff: Left forward edge.

Salchow: Created by Swede Ulrich Salchow, 1889.

Approach: Right arm, right leg draw back then swing forward to start spin.

Lutz: Created by Austrian Alois Lutz, 1913.

Approach: Long backward glide on left foot.

Takeoff: Left backward outside edge, right toe pick, left leg turns skater.

Edge: Inside, outside of skate blade allows skater to perform circles, curves.

Loop: Single toe loop created by American Bruce Mapes in the 1920s.

Approach: Forward, left leg slightly crossed in front of right; or backward, left foot dragging close to ice, right knee bent.

Takeoff: Left backward outside edge.

Rotation: Midair turn; can be single, double, triple, quadruple.