Mayor's furniture now election issue

The man looking to unseat Hamilton County's mayor is criticizing how the county handles its budget and the recent purchase of furniture for the mayor's office.

Richard Ford, an independent, said Republican Mayor Claude Ramsey intentionally is delaying passage of the county budget until after the Aug. 5 election to raise taxes.

He also criticized the county's purchase of nearly $89,000 worth of furniture for the mayor's office, conference room and filing room.

"I think it's a total waste of taxpayer money," Mr. Ford said.

Mr. Ramsey said there is no tax increase planned and said the budget has been delayed so county officials can get a more accurate picture of revenues. It's also not the first time the county has passed a continuation budget, he said.

And he said not all of the furniture is for his personal office because the bid also includes furniture for a conference room and filing room.