'Skins and Skeletons'

Artist collective Team Lump exhibits in AVA Gallery

By Ann Nichols


Six members of Team Lump, an artist collective based in Raleigh, N.C., will transform the Association for Visual Arts Gallery into a sculpture garden and site-specific "hut" by Friday.

The exhibition, titled "Skins and Skeletons," will illustrate Team Lump's contemporary approach to the presentation of art that combines technical skills and punk rock irreverence.

One portion of the show will consist of an 8-foot by 8-foot white table that will hold small sculptural objects made by different members.

"These objects range from the absurd to derivative spoofs of historical and contemporary art history sources," said member Jerstin Crosby. "The table will act as the perimeters of a hypothetical scale-model sculpture garden."

Another area of the gallery will be devoted to a site-specific hut constructed from cardboard boxes. Visitors will be able to go inside the hut to "hang out and become part of the collaborative installation," added Mr.