Cleveland schools to get new lighting

CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- The Cleveland city school system soon will be shedding new light on both energy conservation and economics.

The school board agreed Monday to a contract with Excel Energy Group to install an energy-efficient lighting system in all but one of its buildings. The schools will repay loans for the project from savings in the cost for lighting, officials said.

Mayfield Elementary isn't included because it already has the same low-energy lighting system.

Excel has installed new lights in the Bradley and Hamilton County schools districts as well as dozens of others in Tennessee and other states.

BY THE NUMBERS* Cost$848,581: Total project cost$104,068: Tennessee Energy Efficient Schools Initiative grant$81,083: TVA incentive$663,430: Net cost* Financing$312,203: EESI Loan (3 percent for seven years)$351,227: Company financing (4.5