Vet Center and groups use attention for outreach

Ceremonies, parades and memorials honoring veterans today are the more recognizable sights on Veterans Day, but some local veterans use the day to focus attention on their comrades' needs.

From Monday through Wednesday, the Mobile Vet Center stopped at the Kimball, Dayton and Chattanooga campuses of Chattanooga State Community College to educate veterans on benefits and services available to them.

Nearby, veteran groups and military recruiters answered questions.

"With our club, we're trying to raise awareness more often than twice a year," said Mary Potter, 25, Air Force veteran and a student at the local campus of Chattanooga State.

While holiday celebrations have their place on Veterans Day in November and Memorial Day in May, Potter said the public would do better to get involved with veterans issues year-round.

She suggested that those interested in supporting veterans look at volunteer groups that help with the Vet Center, support legislation that funds veterans services and keep an open mind to obstacles that combat veterans may face during readjustment when they return home.