Shavin: Not everyone loves going to the movies

I have this little problem with movies. I don't enjoy them. This is not something you can say without people looking at you like you've just declared that kittens are evil.

But I can't help the way I feel, and I've felt this way for as long as I can remember. One reason is that I daydream relentlessly and so have a hard time following even simple storylines. Another is that I am an odor savant. Once I acclimate to the intoxicating popcorn aroma, I am bombarded with the noxious scent of a hundred or so humans off-gassing everything from clothing to perspiration.

But my problem with movies isn't just the theater experience. It's that, if the movie isn't exactly what I want it to be - and let's face it, every movie can't be "Lost in Translation" or "Leaving Las Vegas" or "Phantom of the Paradise" - then the experience leaves me unhinged and unhappy.