Paschall: Tide-Gators owes a lot to Spurrier

The creator of the Alabama-Florida rivalry resides in South Carolina.

Before Steve Spurrier began guiding the Gamecocks in 2005, he went round after round with the Crimson Tide as the coach of the Gators from 1990 to 2001. Alabama and Florida met 14 times from the inception of the SEC in 1933 through 1989, but they've played 13 times since.

Seven of the recent encounters were in SEC championship games, including the first three years of the event (1992-94) as well as the past two.

"They happened to be the best team in the West in the early '90s, and we were the best in the East most of the time," Spurrier said Wednesday. "We played each other in the championship game a lot, that's for sure, and now they're doing it again."