Some restaurants are gone but not forgotten

For every restaurant door that closes, another opens. But we often harbor memories of a few favorite places long after they're gone.

Recently, we asked Times Free Press readers to write to us about their favorite restaurants of the past.

Martin Waller remembers a plateful of restaurants: Benton's on Highway 58, Jerry's on Brainerd Road, Hungry Fisherman in East Ridge, El Placio on Broad Street and the Black Angus on Cherokee Boulevard, all now closed and much missed, he said.

"These were great places, and I know I would like to eat there again," he said.

Reader Patty Hawkins still yearns for some dishes.

"To this day, I sometimes find myself downright craving a piece of Bavarian cheese pie from Gulas' on McCallie Avenue," she said, recalling that her family also misses the authentic Texas chili found at The Texan, once situated on McCallie Avenue.

More comments from readers:

* Sharon Mosley Smith misses Pizza Villa in East Ridge. "It was tiny but full of wonderful smells and people," she wrote. (Readers Ron Shankles and Mike Long would also like the pizzeria to make a comeback.)

* Josh Hill wrote: "I miss Roy Pepper's Porch. Good food all around, but the buttery, flower-pot bread was amazing."

* Bill Johnson of Rossville recalled Fehn's when it was on the Northshore in the 1960s and 1970s. But Fred Seep remembers when it was on Tremont Street in Riverview. "I can still see Mr. Fehn standing outside on Sunday afternoons, and he would be out there passing out ice water," he said. "When World War II started, his sons Alfred and Robert were both drafted, and Mr. and Mrs. Fehn wanted to go visit them. So men in the neighborhood said, 'You go visit, and we'll operate the restaurant.' So the men were there at night to make sure everything was OK."

* Joyce Tuggle said she misses the Tick Tock restaurant in East Ridge, as do Lynn Hochman, Ralph Miller, Ginnie Gray, Dave Moser, Karen Manning, Patty Hawkins and Linda Hicks.

* Bob Meador fondly remembers Tomlinson's at the corner of McCallie Avenue and Houston Street. "Good food. [My wife and I] really enjoyed it the days before we got married 64 years ago," Meador said.

* Quincy Puryear, Julie Smith, Tina Harvey Crawford and Jim Amburn miss the old Fifth Quarter on Brainerd Road.

* Gloria Gajownik, Ron Shankles and Rita Nahay are still craving the burgers from the old Leonard's on Brainerd Road.

* Rod Dagnan, Janice Brady, Patricia Hatfield and Nanette Hawkins all agree that it was such a loss when Town and Country on Frazier Avenue closed. Ray Arp misses it too, adding that he also longs for the old Home Plate, Roy's Grill in Rossville [though it's now revived] and the Rebel Drive Inn. Lin Guy and Carol Wallace miss the Home Plate downtown, too.

* Judy Bean is missing Eidson's in East Ridge, which closed in late 2010 after 56 years in business.

* The Mr. Fifteen name had a dual meaning, said Fred Roper. "The burgers were 15 cents, and if you didn't get your order in 15 seconds, It was free. So much for fast food today," he said.

* Jennifer Walker and Doug Henry remember the elegance and great food at The Green Room.

* Calvin Calhoun can still taste his favorite Italian fare found at Brick Oven Grill in Hixson.

* Faye Kelley and Janet Hester miss the old Rathskeller.

* Though Pisa Pizza closed just a year ago, J.K. Frazier still craves for a slice of its Four Bridges pie.

* Ginny Gray and Dave Moser both used to work downtown and recall two restaurants they wish were still in operation: Father Abraham's and David's.

* Pario's was once a favorite of Lena Calhoun. "I loved that place and could have eaten there every night," she said.

* Dainy Garland Masic remembers the great chili burger she enjoyed at Loveman's basement luncheonette downtown.

* Nancy Klein fondly remembers the S&W Cafeteria downtown, as well as her favorite waiter, Ezell Tubbs. "And who could forget the Dairy Gold with locations all over town?" she asked.

* Jay Branum just wishes he could still go by and have lunch with his parents at Edmund's on Patten Parkway.

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