Trenton and Dade County: 2 killed


Jacob Taylor hadn't eaten or slept since the tornado demolished everything but his phone, his wallet and the clothes he was wearing.

"I'm still in shock, running on adrenaline," he said Thursday. "I didn't expect it to do the amount of damage it did."

When the tornado hit, Taylor, 23, and roommate Andy Page were in a second-floor apartment in Village Green Apartments, one of the hardest-hit areas in Trenton. The two squeezed into the closet holding the water heater as the storm blew through.

"All you could hear was the roar - you couldn't even hear the walls being blown away," he said. "It was over in 5 seconds. All that was left was the carpet on the floor."

All that remained of the 25 brick units were piles of splintered board, scattered brick, bits of insulation plastered everywhere and a few walls - like an explosion had torn them to smithereens.