Autopsy shows Chattanooga woman savagely beaten


4103 Shady Oaks Drive

4103 Shady Oaks Drive

Jeimy Baquero's life left her as a killer beat her blow after blow after blow.

The 34-year-old woman's body was found wrapped in blankets tucked away inside a man's home Thursday. When she was unwrapped by authorities, they discovered someone had brutally beat her to death -- striking her an estimated 22 times with an unknown object, according to a Hamilton County medical examiner's report.

Her head was struck 12 times, sustaining numerous skull fractures, her back four times, her abdomen twice, the report said, and her forearms and hands were a solid mass of bruises.

Authorities responded to 4103 Shady Oaks Drive after the homeowner discovered Baquero's body in the closet.