Pierce: Armband tattles if you don't do your exercises

After our Weight Watchers at Work program ended in November, so did my calorie-counting for awhile. But last month I re-upped at Jenny Craig ... again.

Word on the diet circuit had it that Jenny had a new gimmick: an armband that "monitored you day and night and tattled on you." (Not my words, but those of a Jenny buddy who had already heard the sales pitch.)

Turns out, it's one of those armbands that monitor physical activity like the BodyBuggs worn by contestants on "The Biggest Loser."

Jenny's new Metabolic Max program combines the BodyMedia Fit armband with BodyMedia Fit software to help dieters form a self-monitoring, personalized, weight-loss plan.

If you're not familiar with it, the armband looks like an inch-wide, stretchy, Ace bandage centered with a small, square, metallic monitor.