Chattanooga City Council considers smoking ban at South Chickamauga Greenway

photo Elwood Jackson walks in a serpentine section of the wooden bridge that comprises part of the South Chickamauga Creel Greenway in near-freezing temperatures. Jackson, who calls the greenway "beautiful," says he walks nearly three miles every day, "unless it's raining." The city of Chattanooga is considering a smoking ban on the greenway.

WHAT'S NEXTThe City Council's Parks, Recreation, Education and Arts Committee will meet 3 p.m. Nov. 29 and discuss whether to ban smoking along city greenways.

Signs adorn South Chickamauga Greenway, telling users park rules and how far they've walked.

But the Chattanooga City Council is looking at putting another sign on the trail: "Thank you for not smoking."

"Anywhere there's a trail in the wooded outdoors, there should be nonsmoking," said Councilman Russell Gilbert, chairman of the Parks, Recreation, Education and Arts Committee.