Improv working for Mocs' Robinson

photo Chattanooga's Sloan Allison celebrates after scoring a touchdown against Elon University at Elon on Saturday.

Two of Terrell Robinson's three touchdown passes in the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's 42-18 win at Elon on Saturday came on plays that didn't exactly go as planned.

In his three games at quarterback since replacing the injured B.J. Coleman, Robinson has shown a knack for improvisation.

"Anything happens when Silk's in there, man," wide receiver Sloan Allison said. "You never know."

Allison's 11-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter was a perfect example. Elon blitzed on the play and Robinson moved forward to avoid the pressure. With a pair of defensive ends grabbing his legs, he fired a bullet to Allison, who made a tough catch and fought his way into the end zone.

"Sloan made an unbelievable catch on that one, too, because it was a high fastball," offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield said.

After scoring, Allison jumped up and pointed toward his father, former Mocs coach Rodney Allison, in the stands. That play gave UTC (4-4, 2-3 Southern Conference) a 21-0 lead.

Robinson's improvised 52-yard touchdown pass to Joel Bradford in the first quarter made it 7-0.

Despite putting up some gaudy numbers since he took over at quarterback -- he has 301 rushing yards and has completed 23 of 33 passes for 325 yards and six touchdowns, with one interception -- Robinson has made some mistakes.

On the play to Bradford, Satterfield said, Robinson moved the running back into the wrong position, which left UTC vulnerable on Elon's blitz. That forced Robinson to scramble to his left and he made a difficult running throw down field.

"I was fixing to run the ball, but Joel, I'd seen him turn upfield, and I just threw it up," Robinson said.

Seeing Robinson scrambling, Bradford had changed his route in order for Robinson to hit him with the deep ball.

"[Robinson] was moving forward and he threw that one with both feet in the air," Satterfield said. "He threw it 35 or 40 yards with both feet in the air, and he was getting hit."

The Mocs' third passing touchdown went as UTC had practiced it. On second-and-goal from the 6-yard line, Robinson quickly dropped back and loft a fade pass to 6-foot-5 wideout Marlon Anthony in the left corner of the end zone that made it 28-0.

"He's really, really good at throwing those balls," Satterfield said. "He and Marlon work every day on it."

Robinson finished 11-of-13 passing for 140 yards -- all of his completions came in the first half -- and he ran for 115 yards on 14 carries.