Boy who lost 4 in family reaches Lake Winnie goal

What 9-year-old North Georgia boy isn't ready for fun at Lake Winnepesaukah?

Maybe a 9-year-old whose recent past includes surviving a 190-mph tornado, a brain injury, a broken leg, a mutilated right arm and four family funerals he was too injured to attend.

Perhaps a 9-year-old whose bite-sized goals from not so long ago -- bending his elbow, walking more, regaining memory -- actually meant learning to live again.

Or a 9-year-old whose mother said, "Maybe" and really meant it when asked if her son, born in 2003, would make it through April 28, 2011.

Andrew Ellis is that 9-year-old North Georgia boy. He's still ready for Lake Winnie, but first came the holidays.

An EF4 tornado mangled the Apison trailer where Andrew was staying on April 27, killing his half brother, cousin, grandmother and great-grandmother.