Mom in court today in sons' heat deaths

OVERHEATING DEATHSAt least 23 children have died as a result of overheating in cars nationwide in 2012. Five of those deaths were in Tennessee. Below is the number of such deaths in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama over the past three years.Year TN GA AL2012 // 5 // 0 // 2 2011 // 0 // 3 // 12010 // 3 // 3 // 0Source: Meteorologist Jan Null, San Francisco State University

Five-year-old Leland Bates should have been in school today.

The red-haired little boy was set to begin kindergarten at Taylor Elementary School in Cleveland, Tenn., last Tuesday, toting washable crayons and No. 2 pencils to the classroom, as the class supply list requires.

Instead, his mother will stand before a Bradley County judge today and plead guilty or not guilty to killing Leland and his 3-year-old brother, River.