Larry G. Miller quits state race for move

photo State House candidate Larry Miller, center, announced he was ending his campaign to take a job in Texas during a news conference at the Hamilton County Democratic Party headquarters Thursday. Also pictured are (left to right) Frank Eaton, Sandy Smith and Andre McGary.
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State House District 26 Democratic candidate Larry G. Miller suspended his campaign Thursday because he is taking a job at the University of Texas at Austin.

Miller, who won the August primary, is scheduled to face House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick in the Nov. 6 general election.

"The reason I'm suspending the campaign is that I have a tremendous personal opportunity," he said.

Miller will be the director of the National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development.

Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Paul Smith said he's contacting local officials to see if they can get another candidate on the ballot.

"While we're losing him in Hamilton County, we're glad to share him with America," Smith said.