Soddy-Daisy City Commission drawn into family feud over livestock

photo Brenda Smith's pygmy goats are kept in a pen behind her home in Soddy-Daisy. Smith has been fighting for several years to keep her 22 goats, while her brother Cecil Smith has been petitioning to have them removed.

WHAT'S NEXTThe Soddy-Daisy City Commission is scheduled to vote on a new livestock ordinance Thursday.

Inside a chain-link fence along Morningside Drive in Soddy-Daisy, 22 plump pygmy goats spend their days munching on grass and hay, wholly unaware they are at the center of a drama that has enveloped a family, a neighborhood and now a city commission.

They have no conception of the ordinance Soddy-Daisy's attorney has spent hours drafting because of them. They have no clue that a group of commissioners will be voting on their fate Thursday.