Life Spring a lifeline for the un- and underinsured

Life Spring Community Health Ministry reaches out to families with uninsured or underinsured children in need of medical care.

"The way we work with our uninsured patients is we raise support to cover the care we give them," said Life Spring Director of Nursing Jill Fikkert, an RN for the last 27 years. "That's why we are here. We started to be able to serve the underserved folks. We have people that can't give us anything and we don't turn them away."

photo From left are Life Spring Community Health staff members Dr. Michele Pickett, of Glenwood, Director of Nursing Jill Fikkert, RN, of St. Elmo, office manager Beth Tinsley, of St. Elmo, volunteer registered nurse Lynette Hetzler, of East Brainerd, and summer intern Covenant College pre-med/biology major Wilson Ricketts, of Chattanooga.