Internet rivals Comcast, EPB slug it out in Chattanooga market

  photo  Internet rivals Comcast, EPB are slugging it out in the Chattanooga market, with each touting its services and its growth. Staff photo illustration by Tracey Trumbull

A distraught-looking man stands in the rain, his hair and clothes soaked by the downpour.

"It turns out that the speeds I was looking for, Xfinity Internet had all along," he says, before embracing a nearby red-jacketed Comcast employee. "But you knew that, didn't you?"

A moment passes between them. It's very emotional.

"Look, I get it. I was young once," the employees responds. All is forgiven.

The words "welcome back" flash across the screen, and the commercial ends.

A lot of customers are coming back to Xfinity, Comcast claims, because of the larger OnDemand library, integrated applications and greater array of choices.