Nine precincts fail to draw voters in Super Tuesday's low turnout

photo East Lake resident Stanley Lewis pauses for a moment after making choices on his ballot at noon on Super Tuesday. Lewis was the only person voting at noon at the East Lake precinct.

BY THE NUMBERS• 128: Number of Hamilton County precincts• 9: Number of precincts with zero voter turnout• 19: Number of precincts with fewer than 10 ballots cast• 3: Number of precincts with 10-20 ballots cast• 6: Number of precincts with 21-50 ballots cast• 49: Number of precincts with less than 10 percent of votes castOTHER COUNTIESNumber of precincts in state's largest counties• Davidson: 163• Knox: 92• Shelby: 236COMING SUNDAYA look at Hamilton County and Tennessee Presidential voting trends on Super Tuesday

Poll workers in nine Hamilton County precincts spent 12 hours on Super Tuesday with a stack of ballots and waited for voters.