Leber: In disaster, seeing the good in people

The photographs from New York City are astounding.

Cars half-submerged in water. Buildings with exposed facades. The city skyline, dark.

From hundreds of miles away, this is how we bear witness.

The images aren't all that tell us about the effects of the disaster that was Hurricane Sandy.

"The New York City subway system is 108 years old," Metropolitan Transportation Authority chairman Joseph J. Lhota told The New York Times on Tuesday. "It has never faced a disaster as devastating as what we experienced last night."

Subways shut down, schools closed, flights canceled. Death, injury, displacement.

It's horrifying.

And yet, in a strange way, I'm a bit of a disaster junkie.

The times I've been in the thick of blackouts, blizzards and crazy storms, there's a part of me that has relished the preparation, the candles, the comical layers of clothing when the heat goes out.