Choose color to add character to a room

photo Spiced Cider is the name of this wall color, which bathes the room in a soft warmth.

Rosemary Palmer doesn't care what people say. She loves color in her home.

"You are always told not to paint your dining room or kitchen green because it's not appetizing," Palmer said in an email. "Well, my kitchen is currently apple green. Used with black as accent color. Most everyone loved it."

When it comes to color, dynamic is the word for 2013, according to Sherwin-Williams' color forecast. So is opposite.

"We know people gravitate toward personal preferences, but they are being shaped by the divergent energies pulsing all around us," said Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing, in a news release. "Keeping these influences in mind, the 2013 color forecast embraces these conflicts and shows how colors are about a process of combination and creating unexpected harmony."

The company has grouped 40 featured colors into four groups:

• Midnight Mystery is a darker palette, with an aesthetic that is "both Victorian and futuristic."

• Honed Vitality features earthy tones, muted blues and grays.

• Vintage Moxie "is a pretty palette in which the retro glamour of pearls, florals and classic feminine silhouettes is tempered by funky accents and attitude."

• High Voltage is inspired by the "electricity of Vegas neon," meant to be offset by simple blacks, whites, grays and clear tones.

Interior decorator Marty Stanley of Anything Goes Inc. in Chattanooga, said she enjoys pairing shades of gray with gold and cinnabar (a deep red orange) fabrics and accessories.

"You do a more subtle background and have your pop colors be interchangeable for later on if you get sick of them," she said.

Jeska Dawn recently painted her 2-year-

old daughter's room a soft lime green to offset brown wood furniture and bedding with shades of pink, white and brown. Her hope is that the color can withstand her daughter's change in taste as she grows, complementing different choices in bedding and accessories.

April Collier recently repainted a room in her home to be a soft gray with yellow stripe. The previous owners, she said, had left the room painted camouflage green with a bright orange stripe. "It was just hideous," she said. "It was obviously a little boy's room," she said.

The new color scheme, which she said was inspired by pictures she saw on Pinterest, complements the light blue and gray scheme she has in the rest of her home.

The room will eventually be used for a nursery, she said, so she preferred the gender-neutral yellow accent.

Palmer said she has always enjoyed painting her home in a variety of hues. Eight years ago, she said, she selected a plum shade for her living room. Her bedroom is colored mocha. The apple green kitchen, she wrote, soon will be repainted soft gray. She is still deciding on a color for the cabinets -- white or turquoise?

"I've never been afraid of color," she said.