Cook: No one is from Mars

photo David Cook

Race is an illusion, men really don't mind asking for directions and your wife is not from Venus. Or Mars.

Black folks? White folks? Differences are only skin deep.

And the whole idea that human nature is violent, beastly and red in tooth and claw?

"Humans spend much more time in peace and cooperation than anything else,'' Dr. Agustin Fuentes told about 200 college students Thursday afternoon.

Fuentes, a professor of anthropology at Notre Dame University, gave a powerful 45-minute talk at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

His lecture -- billed as "It's not all sex and violence: Complexity and cooperation in human evolution and why it matters'' -- continued his national work as a cultural myth-buster.

"There is a myth about what it is to be human that we're going to bust today,'' Fuentes said.