NAACP, local civil rights leaders call for resurrection of Voting Rights Act provision

photo James Mapp, front, and other NAACP members, left to right, Eric Atkins, Quenston Coleman and Kelvin Scott, host the Chattanooga part of a nationwide news conference to discuss concerns about the Voting Rights Act ruling Thursday morning on the City Hall steps.


This story is featured in today's TimesFreePress newscast.

48 YEARS OF THE VOTING RIGHTS ACTThe voting law that became a major turning point in black Americans' struggle for equal rights and political power is now outdated, the Supreme Court says. Whether that's a marker of racial progress or proof of backsliding will be hotly debated. As the issue moves to Congress, a look at the law's history:15th AmendmentThe right to vote, for American men at least, was supposed to be guaranteed when the 15th Amendment was added to the U.S.