TN student banned from writing about God as 'hero'

SHELBY COUNTY, TN - A teacher told a 10-year-old student that writing about her hero in school could violate the first amendment in the classroom. After some help from attorneys, Erin Shead finally turned in her paper about God.

"Of course students can talk and write about God in school," said Liberty Institute Attorney Jeremy Dys. "Young teachers, like Erin's, have been barraged with so much false information for so long that they are afraid that a 10-year-old student's coloring assignment might violate the First Amendment. That kind of intimidation by the ACLU and Freedom from Religion Foundation is wrong and is precisely what Liberty Institute was founded to combat."

When first given the assignment, Erin asked if she could write about God. After the teacher said no, Erin wrote two assignments including one about God and the other on Michael Jackson.

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