Weinberg: Vote for the Chattanooga's domestic partnership ordinance

Last November, Chattanooga embraced fairness and equality by adding protections for sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to the city's nondiscrimination ordinance and offering domestic partnership benefits to city employees.

Unfortunately, immediately following the passage of this measure, a local group petitioned against it, collecting enough signatures for the ordinance to appear on Thursday's ballot.

While the measure is labeled as the domestic partnership ordinance on the ballot, it is really about so much more.

It is about basic fairness for Chattanooga city employees. Studies show that about a third of lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans have experienced adverse treatment in the workplace because of their sexual orientation, and a shocking 90 percent of transgender Americans have endured work-related harassment or discrimination. People's ability to earn a living and support their families should be based on their job skills and performance.