Cook: County's health strategy

photo David Cook

Somewhere inside the Central Office, there is a multiyear strategy to alter - dramatically - the health insurance plans for all Hamilton County public school teachers and employees.

But teachers haven't seen it.

Principals haven't seen it.

School board members haven't either.

But Ed Adams has.

He's the health care consultant hired by the county schools to help craft changes to the current insurance plan.

According to emails he's written, those changes are coming, and they're going to be big.

"A multiyear strategy to get medical costs under control," he states.

This week, the nine-member school board will take a step in that direction. They will vote to choose one of two options to reduce health care costs: 1) teachers will have to pay $100 more monthly to keep spouses on their insurance or 2) those spouses -- if they work -- will get booted from the county insurance and must sign up for insurance through their own jobs.