Chattanoooga — The next Silicon Valley?

Chattanooga is among eight cities identified in a new study as places "that should be the next destinations for burgeoning techies."

The Huffington Post's Urban Progress compiled the list from U.S. metropolitan cities based upon their entrepreneurship and support for technology startups.

Chattanooga is by far the smallest of the metro areas on the list of cities that could be the next Silicon Valley. The other cities in the list where you should be if you are interested technology include Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Detroit, Cincinnati, Houston and Washington D.C.

The editors salute Chattanooga for being the first American city to offer communitywide gigabit-per-second Internet speed through the city-owned municipal power utility, EPB.

"When a place is nicknamed "Gig City" for supposedly being the first city in the Western Hemisphere to offer one-gig-per-second internet to its residents and businesses, it makes sense that Chattanooga would be a comfy landing spot for Southern-seeking tech startups," the HuffPost Urban Progress reported.

HuffPost cited the Gig Tank programs that have attracted both entrepreneurs and investors seeking innovative ideas in Chattanooga.

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