Election's over, but Sharrock lawsuit lingers

Charles Sharrock

A resident in Fort Oglethorpe filed a lawsuit two months ago to stop Charles Sharrock from running for election to the City Council.

Sharrock ran anyway. And he lost, badly. He got just 22 percent of the vote in a two-person race. But the lawsuit is still sitting in court, still waiting for lawyers to get together and argue legal precedents in front of a judge.

What gives?

Sharrock says a judge should dismiss the lawsuit. So does Fort Oglethorpe's mayor, Lynn Long. Why hold a hearing to determine if Sharrock could run if he's already lost?

"It's all moot," Sharrock said.

But Stuart James, the attorney for the resident who filed the lawsuit, said the suit must go on because it deals with a bigger issue than just Sharrock's candidacy. In his filing, James asked a judge to rule that Fort Oglethorpe Elections Superintendent Orma Luckey is unfit to serve in office.