After audit, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke wants EPB to publicly release billing data

photo Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke has moved to get ahead of an ongoing investigation by city auditor Stan Sewell into billing mistakes at city-owned EPB, pushing the utility to publicly release the information sought by the city's internal watchdog.

Berke fired off a letter on Saturday to the utility's board -- which he appoints -- asking for details about the specific amount that taxpayers have overpaid or underpaid as a result of EPB's difficulty keeping track of more than 6,000 streetlights, though Berke acknowledged that the city has known of mistakes since 2011.

"I urge you and the management at EPB to address these issues in a clear and financially responsible manner," Berke wrote in his first public appeal for EPB to provide specific details to account for its streetlights.