Saying goodbye to Jiffy: Hackney buys Dayton's Jiffy stations

photo Customers buy gas at a Jiffy 7 Till 11 convenience store in Dayton, Tenn.

DAYTON, Tenn. - After four decades of operation, a pair of staple Jiffy 7 Till 11 stores here have been sold to Knoxville's H.T. Hackney Co., a national brand that distributes a myriad of products around the eastern part of the country.

Dayton's Jiffy stores will now operate under Aztex Petroleum, a chain of Hackney-owned convenience stores and gas stations with locations across Tennessee and North Carolina.

Hackney Chairman and CEO Bill Sansom said the Knoxville company wasn't on the prowl for gas stations to buy in Dayton, rather that Bill and Tony Robinson -- founders and owners of the Jiffy 7 Till 11 franchise -- contacted Hackney saying they were ready to sell their Dayton stores and prepare for retirement.