Calhoun ponders one dark night: Police stress care needed in investigation into post-prom party

photo Calhoun High School

In the halls of Calhoun High School hangs one clock that's different from all the others.

With each tick, red digital numbers count down the days, the hours, the seconds until that day-of-days: Graduation.

This time of year, with any high school during the month of May, the clock ticks off the flurry of events that pile up before summer vacation: The school musical. The spring scrimmage. The glittering, Great Gatsby-themed prom.

The clock ticks on.

But for many at Calhoun High, that momentum pushing students toward that rite of passage has paused.

And it lingers on the night of May 10 - a few hours after prom's twinkling lights were dimmed.