Brooklyn country rockers Juniper Rising's show moved to Sluggo's - Sept. 24

photo Juniper Rising is, from left, Kevin Faulkner (guitar/table steel), Diana Potakh (drums), Holly Overton (guitar/vocals/synth) and Kate Rogers (bass/vocals).

IF YOU GO• What: Juniper Rising in concert• When: 10 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 24• Where: Sluggo's North Vegetarian Cafe, 501 Cherokee Blvd.• Phone: 423-266-1400• Website:• Artist website:

There's something about Juniper Rising's music that sounds like the Brooklyn-based quartet just emerged after a decades-long stay in a bomb shelter under the Mojave Desert.

From the galloping guitars and the shimmering, reverb-laden lap steel to the delicately twangy vocals, the band combines what frontwoman Holly Overton calls the "intuitive seasoning" of country music with the energetic, rolling gait of a garage rock group.

You all but expect to hear the occasional bullwhip - perhaps with a bit of distortion fuzzing around the edges.

Overton, 27, founded Juniper Rising in 2012 following the dissolution of her previous group, American Sun.

In stark contrast to the latter group's darkly psychedelic punk, Juniper's music offers a smoother, gliding sound framing songs that trade in the occasionally dark narratives that have long been country artists' bread-and-butter.

"I think country music and traditional folk music kind of stem from a very human place," she says. "It's very honest, very sincere."

On Wednesday, Sept. 24, Juniper Rising were scheduled to perform at JJ's Bohemia as part of an 11-date tour that will take the band from Norfolk, Va., through the Southeast and back up to Philadelphia.

The show has been moved to Sluggo's North Vegetarian Cafe at 501 Cherokee Blvd.

For Overton, this will offer a chance to sweep through the Outer Banks of coastal North Carolina, an area she knows well from a childhood spent growing up in the small beach community of Nags Head.

"I also would really like for my bandmates to experience even a couple of hours of the Outer Banks because it's a pretty special place," she says.

The band is gearing up for the release of its first LP, "Day of Days," on Oct. 7. This project marks the second for Juniper Rising, following a 2013 self-titled EP, and Overton says she hopes "Day of Days" is a more cohesive collection than its predecessor.

"I always say I like to make a musical journey [with my albums] where you can move up and down with the music and where some are fast and some are slow and some are more complex than others," she says. "With the EP ... people said every song sounded different, and that was fine since we were experimenting and figuring out our sound.

"'Day of Days' is the first full-length I've ever recorded, and I just thought, 'Man, I hope it all sounds good together.'"

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