Apple devotees wait in lines for iPhone 6

photo People line up to buy new iPhones in Chattanooga.

A holiday shopping rush of sorts hit area phone and eletronics stores Friday as scores of Apple devotees got up early to buy the first of the new supersized iPhones.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus -- bigger, smarter and longer-lasting devices than their predecessors -- went on sale Friday.

More than 4 million of the new Apple phones were pre-ordered and will soon be shipped. But many Chattanoogans couldn't wait.

"It's great to have the latest and greatest piece of technology and Apple is so great with everything, I knew I wanted to buy it as soon as I could," said Josh Tennant, a 29-year-old Apple user eager to synchronize his phone with other Apple iPod, iPad, Apple TV and Mac computer devices he owns.