Dad pleads for motorists to heed safety rules and more letters to the editors

Dad pleads for motorists to heed safety rules

For the second time within a week, my two little girls were almost struck by a vehicle while crossing Ooltewah-Ringgold Road to catch their bus. It was a particularly close call this time, and I can't express how sobering and raw the experience was.

Come on, folks, I know you are in hurry -- I hate being stopped by buses, too. But please think about the child that may not see your vehicle while they are crossing for a bus.

My wife and I have learned that drivers disregard the flashing lights and the stop sign on the bus, so we now throw ourselves into the street, wave our arms and yell like idiots before allowing our children to cross.

As ridiculous as it seems, sometimes this doesn't even work to stop oncoming vehicles on many occasions, this has been accompanied by loud screeches and disgruntled drivers who were angered that they were robbed of their opportunity to plow over a child.

Please, be aware of school buses in the mornings and the afternoons. Those flashing yellow lights don't mean "hurry up so you don't have to stop!"

Many thanks from a concerned dad.

Jeff N. Griffis, Ooltewah


'PC' terminology masks the truth about 'migrants'

I am tired of political correctness.

Have you noticed that all of the news outlets refer to the Christians from North Africa fleeing Muslim persecution as "migrants," as if they are simply moving from Nashville to Knoxville because of a job transfer. And "refugees" are those forced to leave their homes with barely the clothes on their backs. And while I am on it, they are being routed by Islamic terrorists.

There, now I've gone and said it right out loud. That wasn't too bad, was it?

And actually, it was more truthful.

Gerald Whitely, Ringgold, Ga.


Legalizing prostitution would protect women, men

The criminalizing of prostitution, which may seem ideal, is actually an act of violence against the freedom of women. After weeks of research, it's my conclusion that the United States should legalize prostitution, not only because it is constitutionally sound and victimless but also because it will help protect both sex workers and clients.

Men sexualize women through catcalling, rape, sexual stereotypes and sexist jokes. The media sexualizes women by objectifying their bodies to sell cars, alcohol, food and just about everything else.

So it surprises me when women, the gender that's constantly sexualized, is denied the opportunity to work in the field that has the highest demands for them.

Sara Matthews, Old Hickory, Tenn.