Man arrested outside Polk County High School for flashing his genitals

James Cloud

Polk County, Tenn., sheriff deputies arrested a man outside of Polk County High School when he pulled down his pants to expose his genitals and buttocks to authorities and passing traffic last Friday, Aug. 14.

photo James Cloud

James Cloud, a California resident on his way to Ohio, per a release from the Polk County Sheriff's office, was arrested on preliminary charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure and booked into the Polk County Jail at 9:04 a.m. Aug. 14.

Deputies were first alerted to a call of a stranded motorist in front of the high school. They were told by several callers that a black male was repeatedly pressing his horn and raising his hand in the symbol of a gun at passing motorists, the release said.

During this time people were coming in and out of the parking lot to drop students off for class.

When authorities approached Cloud, the release said he started cussing at them and became agitated. He said he ran out of gas and "was frustrated for having to sit on the side of the road," the release said.

Authorities asked if he had any weapons in his vehicle and for consent for search of the vehicle. Cloud exited his vehicle, and officers asked him if he had any weapons on his person.

Then, the release said, Cloud pulled down his pants to his ankles and exposed his genitals and buttocks to the deputies and passing motorists.

No weapons were found in Cloud's vehicle or his person. He was transported to Polk Justice Center and held on charges pending mental evaluation, the release said. He is still in custody according to the jail's website.