Planning commission rejects short-term vacation rental rezoning in Lookout Valley

Chip Henderson looks at a handout during a 2014 planning commission meeting at the Hamilton County Courthouse.

After months of hurry-up-and-wait, the Littles - the owners and operators of Tennessee Riverplace wedding and event venue - finally got an answer from planning commissioners on whether the family could start renting a home on their Lookout Valley property to short-term vacationers.


Really, what the commission voted down was a rezoning request, which would have allowed the Littles to rent a single-family home at 1335 O'Grady Drive out for short-term vacations. The Littles asked to have the R-1 residential property rezoned to R-3 residential, a higher-density zoning, but one that would allow for short-term vacation use.

But planning commissioners wanted the family to be patient, and wait a while longer for staff at the Regional Planning Agency to draw up a special exemptions permit for short-term vacation rentals. Commissioners didn't want to allow high-density R-3 zoning in the area.