Voters group calls for outsourcing pause, criticizes Gov. Bill Haslam's privatization efforts

The Tennessee League of Women Voters is emerging to criticize a lack of transparency in Gov. Haslam's (pictured above) privatization efforts

NASHVILLE - Concerned by what it calls a "lack of transparency" in Gov. Bill Haslam's ongoing privatization efforts, the Tennessee League of Women Voters is asking further moves be put on hold until a "transparent and robust decision-making process" can be established.

"When governmental entities consider the transfer of governmental services, assets and/or functions to the private sector, the community impact and goals of such transfers must be identified and considered," League President Marian Ott wrote in a letter to Haslam. "Further, the LWV believes that accountability and preservation of the common good must be ensured."

The state also needs to first establish "compelling evidence of need," the nonpartisan good-government group said.

But Haslam's administration is pushing back as it continues to weigh outsourcing management and maintenance at 90 percent of state structures not under private management.